Join us as we explore the spirited tales and haunting stories of the country. Staying the night in haunted hotels and researching the stories behind the hauntings, Ghostlandia is about the history and hauntings of any location. With a blog containing the stories and an eventual plan of a podcast, we want to hear your ghost stories! Read about ghosts on the high plains and spirits in the mountains. We can’t wait to frighten you, so come along and enjoy the ride. 

Wild Women, Wind & Wyoming Wisdom

As a child who grew up in the ‘90s in rural Wyoming, this podcast is a love-letter to that time period and the state. The goal is to tell the big stories from the Equality State and share the enthusiasm for Debbie’s home state. With a weekly scheduled release and episodes covering history, tourism, outdoor recreation, and travel, this podcast will have something for everyone. The wild women from Wyoming have many stories to share, and even more adventures to inspire.


With a lot of help from the local Death Valley community, Debbie Cobb will be compiling her research into her Great-Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth White Madison, also known as Panamint Annie. Growing up, the tale was always portrayed like she was Calamity Jane or Annie Oakley, so the goal is to uncover the truth behind her tales and legends. Annie was a silver prospector in Death Valley and a local character who is buried in the Rhyolite, NV cemetery.

Thunder Basin National Grasslands Research

Debbie will be exploring the nearby Thunder Basin National Grasslands, researching their history and producing videos and books with the information. Backcountry hiking and camping are a priority, as is finding any remaining structures from before the Dust Bowl caused the land to be unfarmable. The Rockpile Museum in Gillette and several museums in Newcastle are helping with this endeavor. This project is intended to take several years of study, exploration, and research